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Sound Facilities & Resources

At our workplace, we have sound production facilities and resources that enable us to produce large quantity of Polished Alaska White Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles, Coin Black Granite Slabs, Granite Stone Slabs and other items without overlooking their required quality attributes. Our hardworking professionals are also able to deliver their optimal level performance with the availability of such advanced equipment and machinery.

Our Quality Production Processes

We guarantee zero-defect products from our plant to our global clients. We do not leave any stone unturned when resolving significant and little customer inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. To provide them with the greatest construction and decor material, we use the following techniques at our Jaipur plant:

  • Using contemporary techniques, granite tiles and slabs are calibrated, cut, honed, finished, and tumbled in a manufacturing plant.
  • Using high-quality hardwood crates, waterproof plastic, and corrugated boxes to protect granites from scratches, damage, and chipping during packaging, unloading, and loading.
  • Granite products are subjected to regular quality inspections, rigorous checks, and tight monitoring under international standards.
  • Packed products are delivered safely and securely using an efficient shipping technique and suitable paperwork.

Products with no flaws

Welcome to the Vinayak Stone Export factory, where rough stones are processed from various Indian quarries to make Granite Tiles, Polished Alaska White Granite Slabs, Granite Stone Slabs, Coin Black Granite Slabs, and other products. We process superior quality slabs, tiles, and other materials at our facilities. We recognise the importance of the appropriate pattern and size of stones, granites, marbles, and other materials for the shifting needs of our global customers. As a result, we place a premium on the customer first concept. We follow all international norms and regulations reasonably, from granite extraction to loading, drying, polishing, cleaning, cutting, and packing to quality inspection.

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